Sunday 20 November 2011

Mediterranean Gull

Thanks to my alarm clock for deciding not to wake me up this morning. I woke up late, fresh and ready to study some gulls!
I made my way to Vedbaek Harbour which is one of the better places for gulls in the region. An adult Mediterranean Gull was the highlight - my first for DK:

It's rather easy to pick out from the Black-headed Gulls because of the white wings.

Other distinctive features are the shorter, thicker bill with a black band, and the dark colouring around the eye.

The leg band was JO1 I think. I'll send it in to see where it came from (where do I do that?)... it's probably a local though.

It's easy to pick out from a distance when in flight. Almost Ivory Gull-like if you didn't see the face!

A small flock of Bullfinches was a long awaited lifer. I was rummaging through my bag looking for gloves when I noticed some passerines flying into a nearby tree that looked too large to be Tits and too small to be Thrushes. It's valuable to be familiar with the common birds ;)

 On my way home there were crowds of onlookers enjoying the long staying Pygmy Owl:

I counted over 50 people looking at the bird today, of which about 20 took advantage of my scope :) I'm happy about that because when I was a young one and didn't have a scope I was often disappointed that the other birders didn't share their scopes! So I make the effort to make people feel welcome to look through mine.

And a short video of the highlights today. Starting with a Common Murre that has been hanging around Vedbaek Harbour for over 2 weeks (presumably).

Thanks for reading :)