Wednesday 2 November 2011

Seawatch in the fog

Made it out for a short seawatch this morning. I wasn't expecting much due to minimal visibility - ~200m at most due to the fog.

There was a flock of 21 Brant Geese loafing on the water. 3 fly-by Red-breasted Mergansers were a new bird for my DK list and a surprise find was a blazing blue Common Kingfisher - another first for me in DK!

The Tawny Owl is still going strong and I found a/the White-throated Dipper at a different location today.

These photos are disappointingly poor quality. I used my iTouch and took the photos through my scope (i.e. digiscoping) and expected much better than this. I suppose it does look very foggy - but it wasn't that bad!

On Friday I'll drop by the Camera repair shop and see what they have to say...