Saturday 5 November 2011


Another day of birding at Vestamager Nature Reserve yielded a few new birds putting me in first place on eBird for Denmark - not that that is really impressive because it seems that only visitors from North America have submitted sightings... and most visits are only a few weeks at the most!

The day started off misty with the sun trying to squeeze through:

Eventually it won out and the sun was shining through the trees:

Do you recognize that patch of woods?
Same spot, same trees, same sun, different month equals:

It's amazing how fast things change!

Today I went straight for the waterfowl and found a few neat birds within an hour including 8 flyover Twites, a White-tailed Eagle, and my first Smew!
Smew was one of my top targets for Denmark and so I was happy to get it :) Although it was 'only' a female.... not being sexist... but the males look quite sexy!
See for yourself:

Not sure if I'm allowed to just show that pic since it's not mine... but you can go here for the original site I stole it from.

Here's my great photo of the female:

See what I'm talking about? The female doesn't look nearly as good! :p

A couple of Whooper Swans flew overhead and a Bean Goose (of the Tundra sub-species) appeared literally 50 metres in front of where 3 of us had been doing a 'marsh watch' for a cumulative 10 hours! Just goes to show that no matter how long you look there surely is going to be something you haven't seen!

This blog is going to become painfully boring if I don't start posting decent photos...

I'm working on it ;)