Thursday 15 December 2011


Believe it or not one of my favourite species is the Sanderling.
Partly because of how they endlessly scurry around on beaches and partly because I've seen them in almost every area in the world that I've been birding and at all times of the year.

While searching for interesting gulls in Spain I came across a flock of Sanderlings that were busy eating away and purposefully ignoring me.

With the sun low in the sky behind me and not much else to entertain me I decided to give up the never ending search for rare gulls and began photographing the Sanderlings.

They're relatively easy to photograph because they usually scurry along a beach continuing in one general direction even if you lie in the middle of their path waiting for them to come.

If you click on a photo it will expand 'out of the page'. It makes the photos look better ;) ... and you don't have to read all the bull shit that I'm writing.

They're usually found in small flocks:

This guy was far ahead of the pack:

They almost always have their heads down:

This one was practically sprinting:

Head-deep in sand and water:

I quite like this photo. Even though it's way out of focus the distinctive features of the Sanderling are still obvious:

Heads down, bums up:

Probably one of my favourite ones:

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