Wednesday 7 December 2011

The Lure of Newfoundland

Birding in NL - winter

Newfoundland has produced some impressive birds over the last few decades. Some notables include these 1st ever confirmed in North America: Graylag Goose, Gray Heron, Common Redshank and Eurasian Oystercatcher [Sibley].

In addition, Garganey, Western Reef-Heron, Corn Crake, Common Ringed Plover, Common Greenshank, Spotted Redshank, Wood Sandpiper, Eurasian Curlew, Common Snipe, Jack Snipe and Chaffinch have all been seen! An amazing array to say the least but that doesn't include the frequent vagrants such as Yellow-legged Gull, Redwing, Fieldfare, European Golden Plover... and on and on!

With so many great species being seen on the island it's no wonder that it stands out among many North American birders as an elusive place. And to add to that mystique is the lack of accessible information online! The two main sites to find information are on the bird sightings forumDave Browns blog and the North American Birds articles... but after that there isn't much else except for the recent increase in local bloggers and of course asking people for help.

That's why (or at least one reason why) I've put together an article about birding on the island!... So far it only covers the winter season (December 1st - February 28th). So it's only one quarter finished and who knows if it ever will be complete! By the time I finish the Autumn article I expect that the Winter article will be out of date!

The initial intended audience of these articles was for readers of the Toronto Ornithological Club Newsletter. However, I think it will appeal to anyone who is considering a trip to the island because it should help you decide when to go for a particular species and where to go on the island even if you don't have specific targets!

So feel free to download, share and take along with you on your next flight/drive/swim to Newfoundland!

Birding in NL - Winter

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One of those easy birds of the winter in NL: