Tuesday 6 December 2011

Bird Song Quiz!

I'm going to be honest in saying that I'm disappointingly bad at identifying birds by their song. I've made some progress this year but I still have a lot of work to do and I'm running out of free bird song quizzes online. Actually there aren't that many so I ran out pretty quickly.

So that's why I decided to make one of my own to help me and to help you learn or refine! And besides, I'm a fan of quizzes and think bloggers should do them more often - even though I've never prepared one before ;)

So here is Bird Song Quiz Numero Uno:

You're probably wondering what kind of quiz is this if the species name is given underneath the recording! The trick is that you have to identify the other birds in the recording!

So here are some clues:
I'm looking for 4 species (other than the Black-and-white Warbler) and if you want another clue you can open up the comments (below) and I'll write the family of birds involved to help guide you (e.g. 2 geese species, 1 shorebird and 1 raptor - but those don't apply to this recording, I'm hoping you'd be able to figure that out on your own)!

These quizzes (if they continue) will be exclusively North American birds (and pretty much birds that are seen in Ontario & Newfoundland). Sorry to my Danish readers. I'm having enough trouble with your language as it is, let alone the bird songs :p But you're welcome to try anyway :)

So, listen to the recording as often as you like. Try and ID the 4 species (and more if you can pick them out) and either comment below, write it down or keep a mental note and I'll post the answer soon!

Today's Bird of the Day: