Wednesday 28 March 2012

NL Records

Doug Clark and I have compiled many of the records of birds that are considered "Very Rare" on the Newfoundland checklist as well as any additions to that list since 2003. We read through all of the NAB reports that are available online and scoured the nf.birds forum. We found over 300 records and found 'sufficient' information for over 80% of those records.

As far as we know this is the only public database of rare birds for insular Newfoundland (this does not include Labrador).

We will continue to update and improve the list. If you notice any mistakes or know of any additions please let me know.
My email is:

*Please note that this is an unofficial list. No committee has reviewed the information*

*It is only as accurate as the information we have sourced from the NAB reports or from nf.birds *

Tips to understand the formatting are on the main page.