Sunday 1 April 2012

Bird Song Quiz #9

I'm starting to rely on these, studying all day, all week = no birding :(

You know the drill, it's easy - while listening to the song try to answer the questions in the survey - it doesn't matter if you get them wrong, it's anonymous :)

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Answers to Quiz #8:
I only had 2 people try out this one. Both got one mistake - surprisingly the identifications that I assumed would be more difficult end up being correctly identified (not just this quiz, but most of them).

Wood Thrush calls at 0:18
Tufted Titmouse sang at 0:19-0:20 (1/2 got this correct)
Blue Jay calls at 0:26-0:27
Northern Cardinal sings at 0:44-0:46
Eastern Towhee sings at 0:48
A Fish Crow calls at 0:55-0:59 (1/2 got this correct)

Here's the recording: