Friday 2 March 2012

Back from Thailand

A quick update:

An amazing week of birding and exploring Thailand with Mira passed all too quickly.

Here's three highlights from our first location: Pak Thale.

White-faced Plover - a newly discovered form of plover which will probably be designated its own species soon.

Asian Dowitcher: After countless hours of searching for this species at a 'known location' I miraculously picked it out after sunset on our last day in this area while watching giant Fruit Bats emerge from their roost.

And, of course, Spoon-billed Sandpiper! 1 of 4 individuals seen which may represent as much as 2% of the breeding population of this critically endangered species.

Rough stats for now:

~130 species total
~60 lifers
~30 species of shorebird
~1 amazing country

It's taking a lot longer than I expected to insert all the checklists into eBird. I've only finished 2 of 7 days so far :S
And I still need to identify some pictures and owl songs that I recorded :D

A day-by-day playback will come.