Monday, 9 April 2012

Bird Song Quiz #10

Participation has been dropping lately, so to re-energize these I'll change the medium. A youtube video + no delay for the answers to arrive.

Last week I came across the videos of Garth McElroy and Jim Zipp on youtube - they have many great clips of the birds singing with a lot of background species too - which is what I like :)
Check out their website here and even better, a list of their videos here.

Remember to fill in the questions while you're watching!

Let me know if you think this is easier to use, or any other feedback is welcomed as well! And if there's a mistake please let me know asap!

Answers to quiz #9:

Connecticut Warbler sang at 0:07-0:09.
Nashville Warbler at 0:19-0:20.
Yellow-bellied/Least Flycatcher at 0:32-0:33 (both participants guessed Least)

Interestingly the Flycatcher was recorded as a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, but it sure does sound like a Least, except that it doesn't sing continuously (as you would expect from a LEFL).
There was a good discussion about their songs here - I suspect that many YBFL's are overlooked because people assume that they're LEFL's.


  1. Hey Alvan,

    Cool quiz format! I like the instant feedback and the setup of it. I got all of them except #4 - I'm just not hearing the one you wanted (or any of the other options) but could just be me!

    Also, on the last quiz - once I saw Yellow-bellied and re-listened to it, it's definitely a YBFL - been quite a while since I've heard one sing (early June last year!). The quality is wrong for Least - not harsh enough and sounds more 'sneezy' like the che-bunk than che-bek.

  2. Hey David,
    Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, now that I listen to it again it definitely doesn't sound like EAPH. Do you have any ideas what it is?

    And how about from 0:59-1:01? I initially thought NAWA, but now I'm leaning towards Tennessee. For some reason I can't see your answers - it might take a while for it to appear on my account though.

    Anyway, since I can't edit the actual questions I made a new quiz with the same questions minus those two.


  3. At 0:36 it sounds like an ALFL calling in the background - 0:59-1:01 I'm pretty sure is a NAWA, lacks the middle part of the Tennessee. Keep up the quizzes, they're good practice for the upcoming season!