Monday 31 December 2012

One last day...

... and one last bird.

This morning I checked the marine forecast and noticed that there were sea swells in the range of 6-8 meters. Great for waves! So my friend and I went to Flatrock to check out the waves and approach them at dangerously close distances.

Just as I was parking I noticed an unusual dark bird in flight. My first instinct was some sort of very large alcid. After getting out of the car it was obvious that it was the Brant goose that has been in the area for over a month. It eventually turned around and flew right over our heads giving us a great look before disappearing over the hill.

This was my 571st bird species of the year! A personal best I'll probably never beat again...
It was also my 295th species in Canada this year. Last year I had 294 in the country, so I was happy to beat last years mark...

I often see Purple Sandpipers at Flatrock and they're usually fairly tame. Today was no exception:

Trying to keep out of sight:

Some of the wave action: