Thursday 6 December 2012

Gullzzz @ Columbia Lake

Can't get enough of them!

But first...
My first CANG with a neck collar - already sent in the info:

There were a lot of new geese at Columbia Lake today!

My first GBBG for the year in the county...finally! This guy brought me to my goal of 190 for the year in the county!

Adult Lesser Black-backed Gull was nearby - I haven't seen it (assuming it's the same one) since Nov 2:

This 1st winter gull stood out with its neatly checkered mantle:

It had a mostly black bill, somewhat whitish tips to the primaries, and mostly brown tertials:

I didn't see the spreadwing or underwing...
And the head shape seems somewhat intermediate between Herring and Thayer's.

What are your thoughts? Herring or Thayer's?

A Northern Shrike has been at Columbia Lake lately - hopefully it'll overwinter here: