Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Tuesday birding

Made my way around town again this morning - but this time in the other direction.

First birds I saw were the 10 Evening Grosbeaks from yesterday:

Down the trail was a small flock of Bohemian Waxwings:

The flock of Tufted Ducks were at the harbour including the leucistic one. What species do you think it is?
The lack of tuft may indicate something other than Tufted Duck, but the black on the bill tip, and head shape don't fit well with Lesser Scaup...

2 adult Common Gulls were also at the harbour - no sign of the 2nd winter Common Gull today:

The Ruddy Duck was easy to find at Quidi Vidi:

A few Greater Scaups were around Quidi Vidi as well:

Another day, another Coot:

The only Lesser Black-backed Gull I saw today was this 3rd winter gull:

Best bird of the day came just as I was returning home, this Black-and-white Warbler was busily foraging in my neighbours trees:


  1. When I was in NL, I was surprised at how well the Tufties and the Scaup managed to separate themselves. Looks like your bird is having a good time with the Tufties... And the head shape looks good too - but I wonder why it wouldn't show more of a tuft?

  2. Some of the Tufteds have very little to no tuft!
    But they're always identifiable because of the darker plumage... this one's obviously a bit different :p

    Today I had 1 Tufted Duck at Quidi Vidi that was loosely associated with a tight flock of Greater Scaup. And yesterday there was an individual scaup with 24 Tufteds at Burton's Pond... so they do mix around. There was also another Scaup in with this crowd today at the harbour.