Wednesday 28 November 2012

Columbia Lake is brewing!

...I can only wish!
With a Cackling Goose and Glaucous X Herring Gull hybrid yesterday I was already feeling pretty lucky!

So while making a brief stop at Columbia Lake to see if the Cackling Goose was still around I was surprised to see a goose with a bright orange bill!
Another Greater White-fronted Goose! This was my 3rd self-found GWFG for the county, out of only 4 or 5 records in the county!

Tomorrow I'm expecting a different species of goose, on my wishlist is Pink-footed :p

This bird was aged as an adult due to the black marks on the belly:

The GWFG that was at Laurel Creek on October 26th of this year was also an adult and could very well be the same bird...

Interestingly, my first Greater White-fronted Geese were on November 29th, 2010...