Monday 12 November 2012

10 hours in Toronto

On my way back to Waterloo, from Newfoundland, I decided to spend a day birding along Lake Ontario to clean up on some year birds.

I joined Mark Field and we quickly found the Ross's Goose that has been in Mississauga for a while:

It has a bit of a 'grin patch', and the head shape isn't perfect for Ross's Goose leading us to believe that it likely has at least 1 Snow Goose grandparent:

Lots of Gadwalls everywhere:

This male Harlequin Duck was fairly distant, making it difficult to find and keep track of when it dove:

A tame American Pipit dutifully perched for a few minutes:

Red-necked Grebes were easy to spot at Colonel Sam Smith Park - I wonder why they hang out there and nowhere else?

I'm back in Waterloo for another 5 weeks - hopefully finches continue to move into Southern Ontario!