Wednesday 28 November 2012

Cackling Goose

After classes were finished yesterday I decided to take the small detour to Columbia Lake on my way home.
A largish flock of Canade Geese was feeding on the grass next to the lake. I largely ignored them because I was interested in the 200-300 gulls on the lake. After scanning the gulls a few times and not seeing any of the hoped for Great Black-backed Gulls (yep... I still it for the year in the county) I started eating my sandwich. I glanced over the geese and noticed a smaller one among the flock that was feeding much more actively than the other geese.
At first I didn't believe myself and pretty much ignored it, but after a while I decided to take a look through my binoculars. I was surprised to see the stubby bill and short neck - an unexpected year bird :)

A female Common Goldeneye was on the lake - this is only my first one in the county that hasn't been on the Grand River.