Sunday 6 November 2011

The usual routine

I had originally thought of traveling far and wide today because every first Sunday of the month one can travel for about $3 flat rate anywhere! Usually public transit is quite expensive....
I thought I would be saving tons of money by doing that but then I realized that I can save even more money by simply biking to my local patch!
Or maybe I'm being lazy?

Either way, I began the morning the usual way - a seawatch and then moved in land for some birding in the forest.

Visibility was much improved from earlier this week almost allowing views of Sweden. A few more birds were evident most likely due to the visibility.
Eiders have increased from ~50 last week to 200 today. 1 adult Gannet flying North will probably be one of my last for the season. 51 Common Scoters (aka Black Scoters) flying South was a new species in DK for me and 1 each of Razorbill and Common Murre/Guillemot were nice to see.

After a short while in the forest I succumbed to being tired and came home. As usual I checked the bird sightings and saw that 5 Little Gulls and 1 Mediterranean Gull were seen this morning only 10 km North of where I was! So I biked over and did an exhaustive search with out any success...

There was a very tame Common Murre/Guillemot in the harbour, allowing for great photographs... but I only had my wide angle lens.
It's that bird under the dock/board walk in the middle of the picture:

Cropped a bit:
That one is actually from Newfoundland - but todays looked the exact same ;)