Monday 28 November 2011

Alcids on the move

A big wind storm moved through yesterday evening. It was mostly winds from the South-west so I wasn't expecting any birds to move around but I was wrong.

While checking the bird sightings I noticed that hundreds of Alcids (including all 4 regular species) were being seen along the Northern shores of Zealand this morning (usually around 10-30 are seen) along with a Northern Fulmar, 3 Skuas and many Gannets! So clearly seabirds were on the move and I couldn't resist the temptation to have a look myself.

Unfortunately, the movement was all but over by the afternoon. I expected that but I was hoping for some Alcids on the water at the least. I could only turn up 3 Razorbills though.
But the good news (as you probably already see) is that one of them was very close to shore:

I seem to be rather lucky with photographing Alcids. Usually it's tough to get close looks at them in their winter plumages but I've been able to get decent photos of Black Guillemot and Common Murre during the winter.

This is a 1st winter bird - probably explaining why it was so tame.

The sea was back to being very calm today: