Wednesday 16 November 2011


Back to the deer park in the morning. Only the usual birds today but finally some of my own photos of the Pygmy Owl!

But first another one of the Tawny Owl who I've neglected for over a week now:

And some random photos along the way - the frost is setting in nowadays:

 Hunting season has begun for the deer so they like to keep their distance a little more than usual:

And the Pygmy Owl - finally had a good look at it today and was able to age it as an adult:

 The white spots on top of its head indicate an adult and the barring along the flanks (not very noticeable here) is another feature of adults.

Wing stretch:

The Pygmy photos were taken with my landscape lens through the scope... in case you were wondering! ;)

And a video of it hanging out and scratching itself (very fascinating stuff right!) - click on the Youtube symbol to see it in Youtube: