Saturday 12 November 2011

False predictions

I started the morning with the usual greeting to my roommate who was just getting home as I was leaving. Todays plan was to bike to Vedbaek for Gulls but that quickly changed when my bike broke down forcing me to walk back where I wandered around the Deer park once again. Perhaps I should be thankful my bike broke down because I found 3 new birds for Denmark today!

I began with a search for the Pygmy Owl that has been seen throughout the week. It called at 7:30am and was quickly joined by another one! I'm pretty confident that there were two individuals but I can't rule out the possibility that someone was playing a recording - seems to be more accepted here than in Canada.
We weren't able to see the owls though so I moved on for a sea watch. Along the way I found a White-throated Dipper next to the ocean (this photo was actually taken earlier this week):

Amazingly before even beginning to scan the ocean I had a Loon in the distance flying right for me! I had been losing hope that I'd ever see one in Denmark after many failed searches! It was a Red-throated Loon and flew quite close to shore allowing satisfying looks. And less than 10 minutes later I had another one on the water - it eventually also flew South. My 200th bird in Europe!

On my way home I stopped by the Owl spot to see if anyone else had found it yet. I was surprised to see over 20 people in the area and thought that they must have it. Unfortunately no one had heard or seen it since the early morning. There were a lot of photographers sitting around not really knowing what to do!

Venturing on I came across a Marsh Tit. A species I should have seen by now in Denmark but simply haven't...
And then a Goshawk flew in and began to preen across a small pond even allowing me to take a few photos with my camera through the scope:

A beautiful adult male!

So, just one day after my predictions of what the next 8 birds will be I've already got two wrong with the loon being the only correct one!

Another one from earlier this week - a dipper doing what it does best: