Wednesday 12 October 2011

Night life

Been doing a bit of owling these past couple nights without much success. The first night I heard a distant Tawny Owl calling - I tried to get closer to be able to better hear it but as I was crossing a field I started noticing deer running around - very close by. At this time of year the males can get quite dangerous while they compete with one another and try to protect their females.

So I turned back and made my way home. As I was crossing another field I heard and saw gunshots from the direction I was headed to. Again I decided that that wasn't the best way to go and chose another route. I eventually made it home safe and sound.

The next night I threw caution into the wind and returned for some more owling! I didn't hear any owls this evening but as the sun was setting I heard a very distinctive call - the closest match I can find is Black Woodpecker, but I'm thinking that I'm also biased because I really want to find one of them! I'll have to go back and hope I hear it again so that I can record the sound and get it identified.

No gunshots today...