Monday 24 October 2011

Delta de l'Ebre - day 2

I started day 2 of birding in the Ebro Delta at the Aufacada observatory.

Right away I heard an unusual call from nearby. A Water Rail was hanging out at the edge of the reeds unaware of me far above it:

In and around the marshes I was happy to see several Black-winged Stilts, a juvenile Purple Swamphen and a handful of Warbler species.

My next and last planned stop before driving to the Lleida Steppes was to be Golero for Terns. On the way I tried photographing some more Egrets and Herons.

Little Egret:

Great Egret (surprisngly uncommon considering the hundreds if not thousands of egrets - 'only' saw about 15):

Gray Heron:

In another flooded field I finally connected with a significant flock of waders. Several Little Stints, Common Ringed Plovers, a few Dunlin and Curlew Sandpipers - after studying the birds for over an hour a Kentish Plover woke up and allowed me to confirm its identity!

I didn't see many Terns at Golero, or anywhere on the Delta really, but I was happy to see this Osprey:

Ospreys are currently on their migration from all over Europe towards Africa. Check out the route three Ospreys took from Wales in the UK through continental Europe (including Spain) and to their main wintering grounds in Africa:

I found 2 flocks of Glossy Ibis in the region both containing almost 100 individuals. Usually they were quite spread out though so only managed in this one photo:

 All to soon I was back on the road towards the Lleida Steppes...