Saturday 7 January 2012

Sungei Buloh Reserve

Today I ventured over to Sungei Buloh Reserve. It's a wetland area that is good for shorebirds, waders and birding in general. It's near my University so it was an obvious choice for my first destination for birding in Singapore.

It was a pretty hot day and I walked a fair bit so I'm pretty exhausted. I'm going to keep this post short and simple.

On my way to the park I came across this Long-tailed Shrike who let me approach relatively close to get some photos:

Some cool pots for sale:

The Zebra Dove is a tame and very small dove of SE Asia:

Large lizard (I like to call them Komodo Dragons):

Little Egret (the reserve is very good for egrets and herons):

colourful spider:

The shorebirding wasn't exceptional but it'll do. I think I'm a little spoiled after the amazing shorebirding in Denmark (20 species of shorebird on some days). I saw 6 species today including several Whimbrels and my first ever Marsh Sandpipers.

Common Redshank were numerous:

It was a fun day yielding 18 lifers bringing my life list to 500! Tomorrow I'll be joining some local birders for the Asian Waterfowl Census at the same place I went to today. Interestingly I didn't see any ducks today so I'm assuming the definition of 'waterfowl' in Asia also includes shorebirds and waders.