Wednesday 21 March 2012

Thailand Day 5: Khao Yai NP

I'm stretching this beyond the expiry date!

Our first day in Khao Yai National Park was very rewarding. We began the day by birding around the campsite which ended up being the best 2 hours of birding throughout the 3 days we stayed at the park.

Naturally, we had a few birds on our 'wish list', most of them we didn't see, but we did find many other birds that were equally cool. It's always enjoyable coming across a bird you've never seen before or heard about, rummaging through the field guide trying to figure it out, settling on a decision and then moving on to the next bird.

An Orange-headed Thrush was easily seen - no doubt tamed by the photographers that visit the park:

A male Siberian Blue Robin was nice to see after having seen plenty of bland females in Singapore:
 -it was rather dark in the forest so this is the best I could manage with my digiscoping set up

Waterfalls are always fun:

A few Blue-whistling Thrushes were seen along the streams. They are actually rather big for a thrush:

 Ashy Woodswallow - a rather dull looking bird, but for whatever reason I took a liking to these birds: