Tuesday 13 March 2012

Bird Song Quiz #7

It's back for another round!

You know how the game goes. Listen to the recording, click on the checkboxes, fill in the blanks, go read someone else's blog.

But first, results from last quiz:
Finally managed to stump everyone! A Henslow's Sparrow sang throughout the recording and no one noticed it. It's a difficult one to pick out because it sounds like an insect!

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Answers for Quiz #6:

Northern Cardinal sang from 0:02-0:05
Henslow's Sparrow sings throughout the recording! (some of the answers given include Song, Grasshopper and Swamp Sparrow).
Eastern Meadowlark 0:12-0:13 (2 people thought it was a Starling!)
Common Yellowthroat sings at 0:24-0:25

And here's the recording:

Thanks to everyone who has been trying these out. Ever since I used the new survey format I've had more participation, which is encouraging :) Hopefully other bloggers will make some of their own bird song quizzes!