Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sungei Buloh

On Friday afternoon I visited Sungei Buloh to photograph some egrets. That didn't go over so well but I did see plenty of shorebirds as usual.

There are a few Milky Storks at the park which are apparently all escaped birds making them uncountable. But they are surviving just fine and maybe some day they'll become countable - many of the visiting birders already count them ;)

This Pacific Golden Plover was the first one to show signs of molting into breeding plumage. Within the next few weeks they'll start migrating back North towards their breeding grounds.

The Eurasian Whimbrels have a white rump which is distinctive from the North American subspecies. There are about 10-15 records of the 'white-rumped' Whimbrel in Newfoundland with a few in other atlantic provinces. It wouldn't be surprising if one is found in Ontario during the Autumn migration. Eventually this sub-species may be split from the North American one.

Showing off that white rump:


  1. Alvan,

    There is one accepted record of "white-rumped" Whimbrel for Ontario, from Toronto on May 23, 1991 (Bob Yukich). I'm sure there have been other ones, just not reviewed by the OBRC.

  2. Cool, I see that now as well. I didn't think of checking the OBRC records, I didn't know they validated recognizable sub-species as well.
    Interesting that it was in May. It was probably in North/South America for the entire winter.