Sunday 15 January 2012

Pulau Ubin

Today I joined some local birders and another visiting birder at Pulau Ubin. That's an island on the Northeast side of Singapore:

It's one of the last remaining areas where wild animals are safe from development and therefore an obvious choice for birding!

Many of the local birders are doing a Big Year in Singapore, which means they'll probably be birding every weekend and for me that is great because I can either tag along or at least know what they're seeing and try for those birds too!

The trip began with an early morning ferry crossing:

The first bird when we arrived on the island was this Peregrine Falcon - it looks like it's eating a Black-naped Oriole perhaps:

We hired a van to bring us across the island where the birding is best:

One of my favourite birds of the day was the White-rumped Shama:

Wild Boar:

Straw-headed Bulbuls have a very loud and beautiful song. The song makes them desirable as cage birds which has resulted in them becoming globally threatened. A poor photo of a great bird:

Great-billed Heron - the largest bird in Singapore:

Crimson Sunbird - an insanely beautiful bird (aka an eye-gasm):
 This photo doesn't do it justice. Check out the Google photos.

Monitor Lizard eating a sea snake:

Drongo Cuckoo:

Later in the day a few of us went to Pasir Ris Park - a park on the main island of Singapore where this Mangrove Pitta was initially hidden within a bush:

Tomorrow I'll post more photos from today's adventures.