Monday 23 January 2012

2011 Summary - part 2

September - December:
For 4 months I had the opportunity to study in Denmark. Thanks to the lack of assignments/homework I had plenty of time to get out and explore the country.

I saw several species of shorebird, 22 to be exact including some that I had already seen in Canada:

Lots of beautiful rainbows:

An amazing trip to Norway with a few friends:

Beautiful sunsets:

A weeklong trip to Spain:

where I saw my main target bird, the Lammergeier:

I grew in love with long days watching the sea:

In November I switched to digiscoping and have been finding it a great endeavour so far. See my album of digiscoped photos here.

A Eurasian Pygmy Owl:

...and a White-throated Dipper became familiar faces on my blog:

On one of my last days in Denmark I finally managed to find 2 Black Woodpeckers. My most desired bird for Denmark and a great way to end the 4 months and the year!

I ended up with 154 species of bird in Denmark - I was lucky to have this opportunity to learn the birds of Europe and who knows... maybe I'll see some of the same birds back in Canada ;)

Throughout the year I saw 447 species of birds - I'm pretty happy with that considering I've only been birding for 3 years of which the first year wasn't nearly as serious as the last two.

Top 3 birding highlights from 2011:

3: Shearwater feeding frenzy in Newfoundland in August
2: Point Pelee in May!
1: Carden Alvar Surveys (May/June) - I really do love that place.

Happy New Year and thank you to everyone who has been reading my blog - I've been finding it to be a lot of fun :)