Saturday 21 January 2012

More Birding

I made another effort to see the Greater Painted Snipe this morning without success but still managed some unexpected birds such as this Scaly-breasted Munia/Nutmeg Mannikan:

To be honest, I don't really know what to expect here. I'm just taking things as they come and trying to identify everything I see.

The early morning sun made for some nice images with the many spider webs:

On my way back I managed to find a Lineated Barbet which saves me a trip to find them at another park in S'pore.

After a few hours of studying I headed back out the door in the afternoon in search of more shorebirds. This time was a little more successful.

I visited Mandai again where last time I didn't see a single shorebird. Today I timed things well with the tide and was surprised to see some expansive mudflats:

Perfect for Horseshoe Crab hunting if that's what you're into:

I managed to find 7 shorebird species before an impressive rain storm arrived forcing me to run for cover.
200 - Pacific Golden Plover
1500 - Lesser Sand-plover (lifer)
5 - Common Sandpiper
50 - Whimbrel
30 - Common Greenshank
20 - Red-necked Sting
2 - Broad-billed Sandpiper (lifer)

C. Greenshank:

Lesser Sand-Plover with Common Sandpiper:

I'll probably be back before the long weekend is over in hopes of finding more. I didn't have much time to sift through all the birds today.

Pacific Swallows are common in Singapore: