Thursday 15 September 2011


As the title suggests I am off to Norway this weekend. I don't know what to expect really in terms of birds but mountains and fjords are first on the agenda this weekend!

Naturally I had a look through my field guide to see what I might be able to see. At the top of the list ... well I couldn't figure out which bird was better. Gyrflacon or Eagle Owl? Both would be new for me. Eagle Owl is probably easier to see in Denmark than Gyrfalcon but there's a good chance that I'll eventually see a Gyrfalcon in Newfoundland!
So which one would I rather? Both! But I'm not going to expect either one.

Some other interesting possibilities include Black Grouse and Capercaillie. As well as Willow Ptarmigan and Rock Ptarmigan.

And of course there's a good chance I'll be seeing some Arctic finches such as Crossbills, Snow Bunting, Bullfinch and Redpolls!

Anyway, I probably won't get the chance to post until mid/late next week. So don't get too impatient!
Not that I expect anyone will.

It's getting cold here already... I don't think that camping on the mountains will help much... brrrrrr