Thursday 8 September 2011

The Deerpark

Conveniently there is a large park within 100 metres from my house - it is about 70% mature forest with a large field near the centre and several small ponds throughout. I expected the park to be full of birds when I first began exploring the area - on the first day I had found at least 3 gatherings of migrant land-birds within 30 minutes. But since then I have found only 1 other gathering despite several visits.

I've also gone several times with the mindset that I will take some decent bird photos (finally) but every time I get discouraged by how skittish the birds are and end up simply looking at the birds or trying to find more.

Anyway, I have taken some distant shots over the past week:

White Wagtail:

Grey Heron:

Little Grebe with chick:

some sort of water lilly:

And of course it's not called a deer park for no reason! :

The rutting season should be climaxing soon so I will try and get out there regularly (shouldn't be too difficult with my track record so far!) and hopefully get some better shots of the action.
Not too sure where the blood came from on this guy:

And, as usual, the rain clouds were never very far away:

Recently the trailer for "The Big Year" was released:
Big Year
I'm not usually excited about movies but this one has been on my mind for a while for obvious reasons!