Wednesday 21 September 2011

Back from Norway

Despite being unprepared for the cold mountain weather, speeding cars on narrow streets and roundabouts in tunnels (!?) the four days of hiking in the fjords leaves me wanting more!

On our first day we stopped pretty much at every lake, fjord and bridge we could see and thought that they were so cool:

But by the end of the weekend those first stops seemed pretty uneventful compared to these ones from the mountain tops:

And finally a photo of a bird in Europe - a Chaffinch:

Both those photos are super-grainy because it was surprisingly dark...

Anyway, as expected I didn't see many birds out there. Maybe about 20 species - highlights were a few flocks of Redpolls on the mountains... and that's about it.

An overdue Willow Tit was a welcome lifer and European Shags (a cormorant species) along the ocean were pretty boring despite being lifers as well!
Bringing my EU list to 130 and my EU lifers to 89 - not far from my goals of 152 & 103... or something like that. 3 months to go!