Friday 19 August 2011

The latest from NL

Been doing a bit of birding here and there, naturally. And as usual there's been one or two chases.
A Yellow-crowned Night-heron showed itself at the lake, Mira and I found it after sunset feeding on slugs and then earlier today a Rufous Hummingbird was confirmed at a feeder not far away bringing my year list to a respectable 287.

Everyone here has been, understandably, complaining about the miserable weather they've had for the last month. One of my first thoughts was that miserable weather is great for chanterelles!

So on Monday we checked out my favourite mushroom spot - we weren't disappointed:


The hens joined the feast as well:

Along the way were many dragonflies - not sure about the identification on this one though:

Most of the shorebirds I've seen here have been White-rumped Sandpipers and Semipalmated Plovers - interestingly most of the WR Sandpipers have been adults while all the other peeps have been juveniles.

Whimbrels hanging out in the foggy weather:

Mira hanging out in the foggy weather:

And beautiful sunny weather all in the same day!

Some more photos from the Shearwater feeding to come! And then it's Denmark