Friday 26 August 2011

The first from DK

I finally got out this morning for my first bit of real birding. It was very foggy, even by Newfoundland standards, but still quite successful. I explored a park near my house called "Eremitagesletten" - I don't even try to pronounce it - all the street names here are insanely long and difficult to pronounce. I think it will become easier when I begin my Danish language course next week.

So far I have seen about 24 new birds for me and 30 in Denmark. Most of them are the super common ones (as expected) and will soon become very boring for me. Jackdaws, Hooded Crows, Great Tits.... etc all very common. But I did see some migrants this morning including a small flock of Spotted Flycatchers.

I've also already found some of my 'target' birds - I visited a castle yesterday with my group of international students where there were several Great-crested Grebes, this morning I found a Little Grebe with a chick and White Wagtails have been fairly common in grassy areas.

Tomorrow morning I am joining the Copenhagen birding group for a bird walk. It's meant for beginners so it will be great for me to see and study many of the common birds and then start moving on to some more interesting things!

I took some photos this morning - but those will have to wait until the weekend sometime as I now have to go to a class about Danish Culture!