Tuesday 30 August 2011

The beautiful rain

Monday afternoon I found myself searching for resident Black Woodpeckers in the forest next to my house. Although I was unsuccessful the walk wasn't a disappointment.

A came across a small flock of Yellowhammers that allowed good and lengthy looks. And this Rough-legged Buzzard hanging out on some fence posts:

The real highlight of the walk was not bird related - it involved the rain. I've been in Denmark now for one week and have already come to appreciate that it rains every day here. Even if it is a beautiful, warm and sunny day - you can be assured that the rain will come eventually. It is a constant. Just like how the Danish people are constantly unemotional - they don't seem to be very happy nor unhappy no matter what is thrown at them. Perhaps it is due to the rainy weather - they seem to be quite frank in that they simply take things as they come.

Despite the rain it can still be quite beautiful:

This place is surprisingly beautiful.