Sunday 13 March 2011

Toronto birding

I'm posting two blog posts within an hour because I got called into work as I was writing the previous one this morning and I originally wasn't going to write anything about my failed attempt at finding the Western Grebe this evening. But, I may as well humiliate myself a little though eh!

While at work I checked my email to find that a Western Grebe had been seen at Leslie Street Spit this afternoon. As soon as I was finished work I raced home on my bike grabbed my scope, camera and bins and raced to the Spit in record breaking time! I cut my time in half, from 40 minutes to 20 minutes. With a Western Grebe at the other end my mind doesn't care much about my complaining legs. I can only imagine how fast I'd be if there was an Ivory Gull!!

One reason I like Western Grebes so much is mostly David Attenborough's fault:

Youtube - The Courtship Dance

I know what you're thinking. Those are Clark's Grebe's Alvan, not Western Grebe's!
Well, in my defense, they look similar enough and they have the same behaviour. I'd be happy seeing either one in Ontario, or pretty much anywhere for that matter.

Anyway, I didn't find the Western Grebe. I had about 30 minutes before sunset so I didn't get a great opportunity to throughly check everywhere but I did find a Short-eared Owl which I wasn't expecting and 2 American Woodcocks peenting. So I was quite happy with those finds.

Cool article about Albatrosses

Although, any article about albatrosses is cool.

Next weekend I'll be in Cornwall with Mira in hot pursuit of migrating Snow Geese!