Monday 21 March 2011

A quarter of a million geese*... would think there would be more than just 2 species of geese!

*More like a tenth of a million, but a quarter million sounds better!

Anyway, I am still happy because we saw what we were looking for. Snow Geese.

Mira and I had only one afternoon to find as many Snow Geese as we could so I made a thorough plan consulting previous years sightings from Ontbirds and eBird as well as emailing locals. We had our route all planned out (which admittedly isn't unusual for me) and luckily we found a large flock relatively early in our search giving us a lot of time to enjoy the display.
Thanks to everyone who gave us information.

I'm not going to write much now. I 'need' to sleep and chase a Henslow's Sparrow tomorrow morning! :p