Tuesday 22 March 2011

More Geese

Aren't they fun!

I neglected all the other species of Geese in my last post. So I'll give them some breathing space here.

On Sunday Mira and I searched around Ottawa for Ross's Geese and others of course. We came across many large flocks of Canada Geese:

There was a Cackling Goose in one flock of Canada Geese (not that flock) but too distant for photos.

Eventually we found 2 white geese far out in a field. They were near where 2 Ross's Geese had been seen the day before so in my eagerness to find some I assumed they were the same birds. But I had to reconsider that identification when we found a Snow Goose nearby:

Luckily for us though we found a group of birders and joined them for a while. One of them got an email about 2 Ross's Geese that happened to be very close. We found them right where they were supposed to be:

At the same location was a leucistic Canada Goose:

It was a fun weekend getting a glimpse of these geese as they make their way further North.