Tuesday 22 January 2013

2012 - Part II

As promised, a summary of the second half of my 2012 birding year.

In early July I did a short trip to Alberta to visit Mira. We traveled around Edmonton and the nearby Rocky Mountains and turned up 124 species of birds.

The number of waterfowl there is astounding - it really is a duck factory!

There's only one thing nearly as awesome as the ocean. The mountains:

Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches were one of the highlights of the trip for me:

Shorebirds also breed in the province in large numbers. Black-necked Stilts were one of the species I wanted to see most:

Coming across Mountain Bluebirds at the treeline as we were hiking up one of the mountains was another awesome experience:

A month long trip to Newfoundland during shorebird season was great as I hadn't spent a good chunk of time there in the past few years, nor during shorebird season:

Fall birding in Waterloo was highlighted by a Greater White-fronted Goose:

And then another:

A large flock of 1000+ Turkey Vultures migrated through my neighbourhood over a 2 day period:

Then the gulls started showing up, including this 2nd winter Nelson's Gull:

Then back in Newfoundland to finish off the year.
The Yellow-breasted Chat living in my yard for over 2 weeks (and still there!) was certainly one of the highlights:

Purple Sandpiper was one of the last species I added to my year list:

Some quick and fun stats:
571 species seen/heard, across 1370 eBird checklists! 273 life birds.

Big miss: Rough-legged Hawk!!! Yes, I did not see that species in the year 2012...

I ended up biking 2397km last year