Thursday 13 October 2011

Dreams of a warmer clime

Taking advantage of a week off of classes I booked a flight to Barcelona in Spain. The flight happens to leave in a few days from now and my lack of prior research and planning is really becoming obvious... and somewhat frustrating!

I have 3 spots I plan to "rock up" - as my Aussie roommates would say - each with a totally unique habitat. The first is the Ebro Delta a wetland area with lots of waders, shorebirds, terns and gulls. Next up is the Lleide Steppes - open flat terrain with grouse, kites and larks. And last is the Pyrenees - a mountain range with vultures, other raptors and some interesting passerines as well.

Sounds easy right.... and all the trip reports I've read seem to indicate that as well. But my eyes are turning red after reading endless articles trying to figure out the detailed directions to all these places I want to go to... eBird eventually saved the day - it being the only website (that I could find) with a map showing exactly where I should go!!!

Perhaps I should have bought that book "Where the Birds are in Northeast Spain" - everyone was raving about it - but me being stingy decided that the internet would be good enough...
I'll have to make the final call on that when I'm back.

A more detailed plan to come! But despite the frustration I'm quite excited for the warm weather and the promise of new birds.

Did a quick check to see if the mystery bird from yesterday would return. Nope. And only one Tawny Owl today where there usually are two...

Some of the deer in the park: