Saturday 15 October 2011

Dipped Dipper

A White-throated Dipper showed up at the Deerpark next to my house yesterday. It's not a rare bird around here but it's a winter visitor and a lifer so naturally I searched for it today. As the title suggests I didn't have much luck even though 2 separate birds were seen today. I think I was in the wrong area though so I'll have another go at it eventually!

I did hear a Raven which is a first in Denmark for me and several mixed flocks of Bramblings and Chaffinches gave me a good opportunity to study and compare those two species.

Here's a Brambling showing off it's black head stripes:

An interesting sighting was a bat flying around a river in the middle of the day and a huge wasp. About half the size of my thumb!

Yesterday I was in the park while the sun was setting. I thought it was pretty spectacular:

But it kept getting better:

Tomorrow I'm headed for Spain so I'll have more birds to talk about when I'm back from there.