Wednesday 26 October 2011

Back to the Sea

I love the ocean and thankfully it takes me less than 15 minutes to bike to my seawatch spot. And along the way I usually check in on the Tawny Owl who never disappoints.

Todays seawatch started off pretty good. Within ten minutes I had a lone Brant flying South, 3 adult Gannets and two distant Alcids...
and after that I was struggling to find anything of note. Just as I was packing up to leave a Goosander (aka Common Merganser) flew by - my first for Denmark.

I headed for the woods with high hopes of a Yellow-browed Warbler. After searching through all the Tit and Goldcrest flocks I came up empty... perhaps another day!

I did (finally) find my first Fieldfare for Denmark too.

Great Tits are common - I really should have a better photo than this: