Monday 26 September 2011

More birding!

3 days of birding in a row. Doesn't get much better than that when I'm supposed to be studying!

And today was probably the best of the three. I went back to my favourite CPH (Copenhagen) area - Olsemagle Revle - still don't know how to properly spell it...

Within ten minutes of arriving I had found a lifer and new EU bird! A distant Eurasian Moorhen was swimming in the marshy area and hid among the reeds after giving me just enough time to see the diagnostic white line along the sides and the jerky head movement. And then soon after that a flock of about 30 Brent Geese were flying a couple kilometers off shore.
Eventually I saw several Brent Geese including a pair that flew right above my head.
Migration is awesome !

There was a noticeable decrease in shorebird (aka waders in EU) diversity with 'only' 12 species today. But the large Geese concentrations made up for that. Mostly Greylags (about 1000) plus one flock of Barnacle Geese and a total of ~250 Brents.



The Golden Plovers were very flighty today:

Can you find the Bar-tailed Godwit:

You can really see why they are called Golden plovers when they roost in large flocks:

A large flock of Greenfinches was surprisingly tame:

And after an hour of patient sneaking I managed a few distant photos of a few Green-winged Teals:

Another great day!