Saturday 25 April 2015

Saturday Update - April 25

Still no definite european birds found on our shores - but it should happen within the next week.

With East winds for the next few days, including some associated with far reaching low pressure systems, it's hard to imagine that we won't get any.

Lots of signs around with that Little Gull earlier in the week, and today, 2 ARCTIC TERNS and a few jaegers - and perhaps the most promising sign is that of a flock of 8 plovers seen ~1000km offshore, flying due West for Newfoundland.

Our local breeding Arctic Terns show up in mid May. There are few April records of Arctic Tern and all have been associated with low pressure systems blowing winds from the centre of the Atlantic. Surely these birds are migrating to Iceland and have recently passed by Africa.

Arctic Tern - note the white cheek that is set off from the grey back, wings, and belly.

Been seeing an unusually high number of 1st winter LBBGs recently....

Most unusual was an adult Pomarine Jaeger sitting in some reeds less than 1km from my house. A few were seen today after some strong onshore winds and mega thick fog.

Scene from Cape Spear this evening: 

Hopefully more news tomorrow!
After all, April 26th is a certified Euro Vagrant holiday for birders in Newfoundland.