Sunday, 22 April 2012

Bird Song Quiz #13

Thanks to everyone who has been participating!

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All of the questions in the last quiz were for the most part answered correctly. The exception was #4, with the thrush. I'm not entirely sure that it is a Swainson's but that's what I'm leaning towards...


  1. Hey Alvan,

    Another nice quiz - bit of background noise though. I think the thrush on the last one is a Hermit (that's what I put anyway) - Swainson's are burrier and lower, the thrush keeps singing later in the tape as well and it sounds more like a typical Hermit. Just my opinion though!

  2. Yeah, you're probably right about the Thrush. I was having second guesses about from the start.
    Good thing I didn't mis-ID the thrush in this recording.

  3. my first 100%! I'm rather proud of myself. Thanks so much for these quizzes, Alvin. I really appreciate them.

  4. Nicely done!
    They're helping me learn as well :)