Sunday 12 February 2012


Yesterday I joined a group of birders from the Nature Society of Singapore for an evening of owling.

At our first stop we checked on a reliable Barn Owl:

It's looking a bit cramped in there with its head bent forward but I assume that's what they're used to. My first Barn Owl!

We heard 2 more owls that evening - both were Collared Scops Owl (aka Sunda Scops Owl) at two different locations. While waiting for the sun to go down I took some photos of the darkening sky and reflections in the water:

Don't forget to try out the Bird Song Quiz below! I've already had a 500% increase in respondents now that it's anonymous and easy to make submissions (i.e. an increase from 1 to 5). No one has identified them all correctly. In fact it seems that the hardest questions were the easiest ones! Only one person correctly identified the first one :S