Sunday 10 May 2015

May 10, 2015

Some photos from a days birding between St. John's and St. Shott's.

Highlight was this Snowy Egret found earlier in the week by Dave Shepherd:
It was looking forlorn with all the rain and fog throughout the day.

Runner-up for the highlight were 2 Rough-legged Hawks we came across:
This species has bred on the Avalon before - maybe they will again this summer!

Two Red Crossbills seen today at different feeders were unexpected. I've only had one previous observation of this species this year:

2 Common Mergansers were relatively tame: 

We were happy to see 4 Willow Ptarmigan:

I've never had such a great look at a breeding plumaged male Long-tailed Duck before today:

Not more than 100m from the Snowy Egret was this Snowy Owl: 

Renews harbour is always worth a stop:

Greater Yellowlegs were in abundance today: 

Note the subtle up-turn to the bill. Something often mentioned in field guides - but not always easy to observe: