Sunday 26 April 2015

Jaegers Grounded

Still no European Golden Plovers in Newfoundland. Suitable winds forecasted for the next 5 days will continue to keep my hopes high. Surely there'll be some found by next Sunday!

Todays highlight was more of the same from yesterday.
The Easterly winds, fog, and rain have grounded many jaegers and allowed great looks at several birds flying around sheltered bays.

In total, I saw 10 Pomarine Jaegers. Did miss an adult dark morph Parasitic Jaeger that was near St. John's.

Some other birds:

Adult Lesser Black-backed Gull:

4th winter/cycle LBBG (note the lack of white-tipped primaries, and hint of brown to the secondary coverts):

Saw one of yesterdays Arctic Terns again today:

It's back to school for me tomorrow - I'll be dreaming about what I'm missing out there!