Sunday 15 June 2014


This spring has been phenomenal for icebergs around Newfoundland. There's been a steady of stream of the white towers heading South. And in the last couple of weeks two large ones have grounded themselves between St. John's harbour and Cape Spear offering great looks and photos that are easy to impress people with!

The tourist boats are making a lot of money off them this week!
 I even heard that taxi's are having a very busy week with all the people in town for business meetings hoping to see an iceberg!

Really neat texture on these things:

My only bird pic from this weekend:

bees bees bees... Bumble Bees!


I swear I still do go birding - I just don't take pictures of birds. I'm a little jaded when it comes to taking photos of birds so it's hard to fill these blog posts with fresh bird pics...

Today I saw my first Mourning Warbler of the year - I photographed this one in Waterloo 2 years ago: