Thursday 5 June 2014

Birds in the Hood

Some random photos from the past couple days:

Moth! Did you see Mike Burrell's badass post about moths?
I know I know... not a bird... but look at that eye!!!!!
Honestly! Look at that thang

Larch tree flower/future pine cone!

 Sir Ed himself with an iceberg lurking in the fog:

^that was taken this morning after seeing an Eurasian Whimbrel! Didn't get pics of that beauty of a beast... but yeah, it was a cool bird!!!

An Eastern Kingbird was nearby too:

This Yellow Warbler arrived in my neighbourhood no earlier than May 31. By today (June 5) it was well on the way building a nest in my backyard hedgerow:

Close up of the nest:


What's happenin' in da hood